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Dear Valued Customer,
Advancement in e-Banking product is fast changing our day to day life. While it makes our day to day banking a better experience, these channels are the target of many miscreants indulging in "Identity Theft" with the motive of stealing money.
It has been our constant endeavor at Bank of Baroda to provide our customers with new products that are convenient to use and at the same time are secure and to keep our customers’ interest protected.
In the recent past Banking industry has experienced a spurt in phishing transactions. Phishing is “the fraudulent practice of sending e-mails or calling people purporting to be from legitimate companies/Banks in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as credit/debit-card numbers, online User IDs, Passwords, ATM Pins etc.”  Many Internet Banking users have knowingly or unknowingly fallen prey of such phishing activity and suffered financial loss in some cases.
In order to further enhance security and provide convenient and safe internet banking, we shall be shortly introducing a “Fraud Management Solution (FMS)”.
This solution will have following broad features
i) One time online registration of a set of Confidential Answers to pre-defined Questions (minimum five). Answers MUST be confidential and known ONLY to the User
ii) On-line secure re-generation of “Login password”, in case same is locked/forgotten
iii) Alerts/ additional authentication through “Questions & Answers” or One Time Passwords (OTP) in case of high risk transactions etc.
Please note carefully that
1.      Bank of Baroda will NEVER ask you to reveal your User ID or Password. Therefore, never disclose your credentials (User ID, Password, OTP, PIN etc.) to anyone either through mail or over phone.
2.      NEVER click on hyperlinks embedded / received in E-mails. If by mistake you click on any hyper link in an E-mail, DO NOT type your User ID / Password in the pages that open on clicking such links
3.      ALWAYS type the address of “Baroda Connect” Internet Banking portal in the address bar of your browser using your keyboard rather than clicking on hyper link
4.      We reiterate – DO NOT disclose or share your User ID or Password or OTP (One Time Password) with anyone under any circumstances, even if the a person calls you over your phone or mobile and claims to be calling from the Bank or even if a mail arrives in your mail box and appears to be from the Bank and asks you to click on some hyper link asking you to update your User ID / Password / PIN etc.
Considering the risk perception, this service will be available to customers with “Transaction Rights”. Customers having “View rights” only, will not be prompted to register for FMS.  Since OTP (One Time Password) is mandatory for registration, please ensure to register your mobile number with your base branch at the earliest, if not already registered. In case you are receiving “Transaction alerts” it means your mobile is already registered with us. For further details / FAQs please visit our bank’s website www.bankofbaroda-fiji.com We wish you safe and pleasant internet banking.

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